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Sabbatical, Take 4: Family and more
First, this post was supposed to be written before now...but, well...

I took a different mobile computer and didn't have the website bookmarked, could not remember how to get into it, and didn't want to ask Hal...which I had to do anyway...

So, here we go.  After attending church with Hal at Grace UCC in Garrett, I left for my sisters' homes in Mount Olive again, this time without Hal.  I arrived after dinner time, and had a restful night.  The plans were to do some reading, some writing and studying, and some family time.  And to go to the Spinrite Yarn Factory in Little Washington NC for their 3rd Annual Tent Sale. 

My sister Carol also crochets.  She does mainly baby blankets, while I do those, hats, and scarves.  We weren't sure which day we were going to go score some cheap yarn; that would be determined by my sister Cathy's youngest daughter, Amy.  You see, Amy has a friend who was going to give birth, and wanted Amy and another female friend in the delivery room along with the baby's father.  Why did this matter?  Easy.  Amy watches Carol's grandchildren while their mom works.  And if Amy was needed, Carol was needed.  Although, it turned out, Aunt Connie was needed - because Carol had plans the morning that Amy got the call that her friend was going to deliver.  So - Carol did as she had planned, I stayed home while Amy dropped the younger grandchild with me (the older was in school),  and all was well with the world.  Although Amy didn't get to the hospital in time for the delivery, she was there to be with the new mom and dad and baby shortly thereafter.

That same night (I think) Cathy and I met her second-youngest daughter, Elizabeth, for dinner at a Mongolian restaurant.  I ate squid.  I cannot eat the octopus at the Chinese restaurant in Lavale because it is intact and I don't want my food looking at me.  But the squid here was just slices of tentacles.  So I went for it.  It  Kind of like eating a thick rubber band.  Now I can say I have eaten squid.  And I never have to eat it again.

Wednesday, May 4, Carol and I got up early and headed to Washington for the yarn sale.  Had entered the address into my phone to plug into the GPS.  The website said that GPS would recognize the address as a state route instead of  the street name.  Well, not MY GPS.  So I entered the street name.  Headed out (about an hour and a half) and followed the directions the lady in the GPS gave me.  She said, "You have reached your destination" and Carol and I looked at each other and started laughing because we were in the middle of a residential area which was obviously NOT our destination.  So, we turned around, thinking we'd head to some industrial-looking buildings a couple of blocks back - saw a man headed out of a business and pulled over to ask him - he pointed us in the direction we were headed and we were there in a matter of minutes.  We walked into a tent loaded with boxes cases bins pallets full of a variety of yarns, mostly Caron brands.  We did a quick round to check it out - what prices/styles/colors were available, and found someone who told us how it worked.  We each grabbed a 30-gallon garbage bag, and made our second (and third, and fourth) rounds, filling as we went, being sure that we took enough packs of each style to get the free pack (each style was buy 3 packs, get 1 pack free).  Feeling adventurous, I went over to the two bins in the corner that were labeled "Stuff a bag with as much as you can and still tie it closed for $10".  There was a glorious thick purple I have no idea how to classify because there were no labels on it - and I stuffed a bag full, which was not easy because in the bin they had come unraveled to some extent and so it was a combination of taking, unraveling, and stuffing in the bag.  We headed to the checkout line, behind a couple who had been to Woodstock and in front of a woman with her mother and daughter.  Her mother commented that they had to make 86 baby blankets - but then the conversation changed so we never found out how many people were working on those 86 blankets.  It was fun, and we would both do it again (Note to self:  find out when the next one is scheduled before scheduling next year's vacation).  

Friday night I spent with Cathy and her sister-in-law - while we're not technically related, she and her family (her youngest daughter is my age) are "friends who are family".  We watched a couple of movies and ate pig-pickin' cake.  Also spent some time catching up with her daughter.

I spent time doing some reading, and some preliminary work on the writing of lectionary-based prayers of confession for worship.  And speaking of worship, enjoyed an interesting worship experience while in NC.  My sisters' pastor was on vacation prior to his going on Sabbatical.  The pastor who filled in is blind.  While he had preached there  before, prior to this day's service, one of the lay leaders in the church led him around, walked him from the lectern to the table where the offering plates are placed, to the pulpit.  His message was very good.  I was intrigued by his method - it appeared that he had a device that translated the bulletin into braille - he left before I could ask if they had emailed it to him prior to that day, or if it was something that he could lay over the page as he went.  His sermon also appeared to be saved, in one form or another, into this device. 

After the service, we went to Elizabeth's home for a Mother's Day meal.  Her husband's mother, and his sister and her family also joined us.  We enjoyed a great meal, and had a blast with Elizabeth's two little nieces.  Amy, however, didn't make it - she had gone to her boyfriend's college graduation the day before, and had spent the night with his family.  She woke up ill, and was diagnosed the on Monday with strep throat - which meant that Carol and I got to spend more time with her grands!  I also spent some time with other friends-who-are-family, and won a rousing game of cornhole (thanks to my partner Wendy who scored most of the points for our team). 

My time in North Carolina came to an end on May 10.  The next leg - Adventures, Misadventures, and More - I'll write up soon!
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