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Sabbatical, Take 6: Random Thoughts

Things seldom go as planned.  If it freaks us out...

we will never enjoy what is in front of us.

I have not had solid access to the internet until today.  Apologies for the delay in this blog post.

Having said that, even though I am over a half-century old (wait, WHAT???), a raging thunderstorm still has the power to make me a whimpering five-year-old...particularly in a camper in the middle of tall trees when it feels like the wind will blow us over.

Highway sign said, “Drunk? Drugged?  Distracted?  Stop it!!!”  Jesus tells us the same thing, if only we would listen.  The Holy Spirit has the power to dig in to the deepest parts of us and get to the roots of the sins we commit on a continuous basis and more importantly to help us to repent - to turn away, to STOP IT!

Gentlemen’s Clubs” advertised along a highway rarely if ever have true gentlemen attend them.  And seriously – “Singles or Couples”?!  I think not.

Tumbleweeds – as their shallow roots allow the winds of the prairie to blow them around at will, if we are not thoroughly rooted in God through Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit, do we not also roll around aimlessly according to the winds of the culture?

Things are not always as advertised.  We get upset when we go someplace or buy something and find that it is not as good a quality or have the features that were advertised.  How does God feel when we call ourselves Christian but we are not living as Christ called us to live?

People do not have to see each other all the time to be able to fall back into familiarity.

Hospitality is a wonderful blessing.

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